The Seasonova Commitment

Seasonova is committed

Seasonova sites are quality guarantees.
At each of our sites, we are committed to respecting the “Campsite Quality Charter” (awarded or in the process of being awarded label) which represents more than 600 criteria split into 5 categories:
A warm welcome
Cleanliness beyond reproach
Precise and reliable information
A well-cared and private pitch
An improved and respected environment
Respecting the environment in which you spend your holidays is a priority to us. This is the reason why we take it into account in all our steps, in each of our actions. Every site of our group respects the values of the “Clé Verte” environmental protection programme (awarded or in the process of being awarded label).
  • Environmental policy: General environmental management, employee training programme.
  • Water management: management of water sources and purification, pipework and spraying.
  • Waste management: sorting of the wastes, reducing volumes.
  • Energy management: management of energy resources, warmth, domestic equipment, lights.
  • Responsible purchasing: food, upkeep, other purchases.
  • Living environment: indoor and outdoor environment.
  • Environment awareness: information to the guests, nature activities.
Seasonova campsites are always located in preserved natural areas (UNESCO World Heritage, Natura 2000, “Station Verte”, protected natural sites…). Whether you camp in a tent or stay in a caravan, whether you hike or travel in a camper-van, whether you’re keen on a comfortable or an out-of-the-ordinary rental, you will always find a place to stay in our campsites.
Seasonova favours “diversity” and welcomes everyone.
We offer a wealth of activities specially selected for each and every one (see our topical holidays).
Because we are keen on developing local partnerships, we can offer personalized activities, very special services for families (Kids Club, Baby kit, games and equipment for children from 0 to 12, edutainment activities…), we guarantee your satisfaction: more than 95% of our customers are satisfied.
You will be able to complete a Client Satisfaction Survey. We welcome all your ideas.

All our sites are committed to guarantee quality services and an environmentally friendly approach.