The Seasonova Commitment

Seasonova is committed

Seasonova sites are quality guarantees.
At each of our sites, we are committed to respecting the “Campsite Quality Charter” (awarded or in the process of being awarded label) which represents more than 600 criteria split into 5 categories :
  • A warm welcome
  • Sparkling clean premises
  • Helpful tips and information from staff
  • A clean and secluded pitch
  • Environmentally friendly locality
Our rule number one is to respect the environment where you will spend your holidays, which is what we keep in mind with everything we do. Each one of our campsites respects our environmentally friendly charter:
  • Environmental policy: General environmental management, employee training
  • Water management: Resource and draining management, tap water and watering management
  • Waste management: Srecycling and reduction
  • Energy conservation: Energy, heating, domestic equipment and lighting management
  • Responsible procurement: Food, maintenance and other purchases
  • Surroundings: Internal and external environment
  • Environmental awareness: Guest information, outdoor activities.

A Seasonova campsite is always located in a preserved natural site (UNESCO World Heritage Site, Natura 2000, green resort, protected natural site.) Whether you are a traditional camper in a tent or a caravan, a hiker, in a campervan, whatever you are in to, comfort or something more out-of- the ordinary, you will always find something in our campsites.

Seasonova welcomes you, wherever you come from

We offer a wealth of activities specially selected for each and every one (see our topical holidays).

A carefully selected programme of activities designed for you (see themes).
Thanks to our local partners we can offer you activities specially designed for you. Family services (kiddies club, baby equipment, games and amenities for the 0 to 12 year olds, fun and educational activities.) Your satisfaction guaranteed: Over 95% of our customers are satisfied, guest survey (available online or at the campsite reception), your opinions and feedback are welcome.
All our campsites are committed to procedures guaranteeing quality and environmentally friendly services.
You will be able to complete a Client Satisfaction Survey. We welcome all your ideas.

All our sites are committed to guarantee quality services and an environmentally friendly approach.