Nos campings dans les Pays de La loire

Camping in Pays de la loire

Welcome to the Loire. Here again, Seasonova campsites bring you only the best for your holidays.

Camping in the Loire region

The Loire region, with it mild and temperate climate, is the perfect place to camp.
This land of contrasts offers a patchwork of places to discover, suits all tastes and desires, which is why it is a popular region amongst the French.
As for its stunning landscapes, they mirror the topography delights for which France is famous. As a result, the diversity of the Loire landscapes makes it one of the most diversified regions in Europe.

Recharge the batteries with the family

We at Seasonova know a thing or two about family camping holidays. The Loire is an ideal region to enjoy child-friendly activities.
As the region is relatively flat, the Loire region is perfect for cycling. Several cycling tracks allow you to travel the region at your own pace. Ideal for families!
Enjoy a camping holiday on the banks of the Loire to strengthen your family ties, and to relax in the heart of nature!