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Camping pitches for tents

Since the dawn of time the tent is the best way to travel freely and without limits!
Camping under canvas and live your childhood dreams!

Cycle tourists, hikers, or Robinson Crusoe bringing out the nature in you, you will find true traditional camping with services to simplify your stay at each Seasonova campsite.
By choosing a Seasonova campsite, you are guaranteed to enjoy irreproachable cleanliness and three- and four-star camping comfort.
Hikers and cycle tourists friends, discover our services and special offers.

Did you know?Pitches available at the following campsites

As the top santé website signale points out: “Sleeping in tents can cure insomnia”.

“Spending a week in the tent, exposed to the light of day, can regulate the biological clock and solve the problem of insomnia” also indicates the site, referring to a study led by researchers from the University of Boulder in Colorado.

Pitches available at the following campsites