Cycling Holidays

An essential part of a  Slow Life lifestyle, bike riding can be experienced solo, with your family or with friends. It is the perfect occasion to discover the wonderful scenery of our regions. Whether it is for a short getaway or a long distance journey, cycling tourism lets you take your time, stop mid-way to pick an apple from a Norman orchard, and be guided by the stories of a local who will tell you how to reach your destination.

Cycling tour or bucolic ride…

Going on a cycling holiday means living differently and travelling light, without material constraints. It also means designing your own route while choosing the different stops according to each person’s wishes or even letting your legs guide you…


Ideas and cycling trek itinerary


Randonnée Loire à vélo

Balade à vélo sur l'île de ré

The Loire region by bike

is a famous 900 kms long cycling route starting in Cuffy close to Nevers in Saint Brevins les pins in The Loire Atlantic region. It is an ideal route to cycle as a family and to discover the wonders of the Loire: listed castles, natural sites, fauna and flora…You will be able to stopover at the Seasonova Plages de Loire campsite in Rochefort sur Loire.
Camping Seasonova de Rochefort sur Loire

The vélo Francette

The vélo Francette: a cycling track which connects the Normandy region to the Atlantic. Starting from Ouistreham and its D-day beaches up to the city of La Rochelle, you will be able to cycle through Normandy, the Loire Region and the Poitou Charente while discovering the sweet flavours of France. You will be able to stay in our Seasonova Riva Bella Campsite in Ouistreham as well as in Seasonova Les Plages de Loire in Rochefort sur Loire.
Camping Seasonova du Riva Bella as well as Camping Seasonova des Plages de Loire in Rochefort-sur-Loire.

The Vélodyssé and the Ile de Ré

Following the Atlantic coastline it is the perfect itinerary for a family cycling holiday. The Ile de Ré offers a vast network of perfectly flat and secured cycling tracks. Going around the Ile de Ré on a bike is a must in order to admire the multitude of landscapes of the island and its authentic villages… You will be able to stay on the North of the island, a more authentic and calm location at the Seasonova Les Portes en Ré Campsite.
Camping Seasonova des Portes en Ré

The Eurovélo 4

allows you to go across Europe from East to West while visiting 7 countries over 5100 kms of cycling tracks. It is the perfect occasion to visit the Somme, The Normandy coastline and its unforgettable D-Day beaches and going around the Manche while stopping at the Mont Saint Michel. You will be able to stop in Upper Normandy in Veules les Roses at the Seasonova les Mouettes Campsite as well as in Saint Valery en Caux at the Seasonova Etennemare Campsite. While you continue your journey towards the West you will have the opportunity to stay in Lower Normandy at the Seasonova Le Point du Jour Campsite in Merville-Franceville-Plage and at the Seasonova Riva Bella campsite in Ouistreham. Further along West, you will be able to stay in Brittany in Trelevern close to Perros Guirec at the Seasonova les 7 Îles Campsite.
Camping Seasonova Les Mouettes as well in Saint-Valery-en-Caux in the Camping Seasonova d’Etennemare. While you continue your journey towards the West you will have the opportunity to stay in Lower Normandy at Camping Seasonova du Point du Jour  in Merville-Franceville-Plage and at the Camping Seasonova Riva Bella in Ouistreham. Further along West, you will be able to stay in Brittany in Trelevern close to Perros Guirec at the Camping Seasonova des 7 Iles.


Our advice for a family cycling holiday:

  • For your first experience adapt your itinerary to your children’s pace and chose stopovers that combine comfort and entertainment for the children. Riding 20 to 30 kms a day will not exhaust your family and will enable you to take your time to discover different regions, to have fun and relax.
  • Plan to have bikes and accessories which are adapted to your rides, in good condition and that have been checked (breaks, tire pressure…) before you leave in order to avoid bad surprises during your travels. You will be able to rent the necessary equipment in all of our Seasonova Campsites but it is advisable that you bring a repair kit with you.
  • Try to favour riding on cycling paths. Helmets are compulsory for children under 12. Plan to take water, snacks and sunscreen if necessary. More security=more freedom for your family.
  • Contact your host for the night in case you might arrive late.

Why choose to have a stopover or to leave from a Seasonova campsite for your cycling treks ?

  • Because it is my first cycling holiday and I am guaranteed to find a team who will be able to listen to me and advise me on cycling itineraries, to help me repair my gear and to have everything I need at my disposal in order to experience a worry free stopover.
  • Because I do not have a bike and that I am certain to be able to rent quality gear which has been serviced and is adapted to my family.
  • Because I am travelling with children while roaming or an a round trip starting from my Seasonova campsite, it is a warranty that they will be able to enjoy the different services and equipment available so that they can rest, have fun and marvel…. life is not only about cycling!
  • Because I am travelling on a small budget, Seasonova Campsites offer affordable housing solutions for hikers. Out of the ordinary camping experience guaranteed!
  • Because I want freedom and safety ,Seasonova campsites are located right next to cycling trails and paths. Your safety is guaranteed for your cycling treks with children…

All of the Seasonova campsites have the Cyclists Welcome label and offer specific services such as a secured shelter, bike repair equipment rental, luggage carrying service, breakfast…

Retour d’expérience

rando vélo Ile de Ré

Chloé et Damien

« We live in the city centre in La Rochelle and we often go on weekend getaways to the Ile de Ré. Once we are out of the office on Friday afternoons we hop on our bikes to go straight to le pont de Ré ( Ré bridge)… It’s free for cyclists! We cycle for about 30 kms on the Rivedoux cycling paths up to the preserved and trendy part of the island: Les Portes en Ré. Once on the spot we spend a romantic and out of the ordinary night in a Lodge Kenya … Perfect to recharge your batteries with an organic breakfast and a yoga class on the beach.. Thank you Seasonova !”

Denis et Marie

«  We are currently retired and avid cyclo-tourists used to riding long distances. Last spring we traveled from Dunkirk to the Mont saint Michel while following the coastline. We stopped in Veules les Roses at theCamping Seasonova des Mouettes. Aldo and Sandra are passionate about their region and they enabled us to discover this wonderful village listed as one of the “most beautiful villages in France”. We have also had the pleasure to taste delicious oysters from Veules .”


Julien, Marina, Manon et le petit Roméo

« For our first family roaming experience we had a great stay in Normandy thanks to Seasonova Campsites which had everything organized for us: bike rentals and child bike trailers, personalised itineraries, D-Day beaches visits.. and a must have! The animals of the campsite’s mini farm were ideal to entertain the children while the parents enjoyed this relaxing break on the cottage terrace We will be back »


Our Bike rentals

Our rentals include:

Helmets, safety lock, repair kit, maps and itineraries upon request