Simple, comfortable and nestled in the heart of nature, the "Pod" is an eco-designed wooden hut that has been a great success in Britain for a few years and has started to arrive little by little in France. Who has never dreamt as a child to have a hut at the bottom of the garden? Not having a garden and with the years passing quickly, we offer this out-of- the-ordinary accommodation at the Reine Mathilde campsite on the D-Day landing beaches. Go indulge yourself!
Who, as a child, has never dreamt of having a hut in the back garden? We propose this type of out-of-the-ordinary accommodation at Queen Mathilde Campsite on the D-Day Beaches...

Number of persons : 2

Services & Facilities

  • Electricity
  • Heating
  • 80x190 beds, cushions
  • Decking
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