The Seasonova gateaway

You wish to travel as you like and stay wherever you want on a Seasonova campsite?
You can!
We propose the Escape Package which makes it possible for you to stay in one of our 7 campsites all the season long (except in July and August).
How does it work?

The Escape Package is a 3-month package (except in July and August) that you can use as you like in all the Seasonova campsites. For instance, you can spend a month at Aquarev Campsite, a month and a half at the Gates of Alsace campsites then 2 weeks at the Seagulls Campsites.

You are free to choose where you want to go and how long you want to stay. 
The Escape Package costs 899.00€ or 9.99€/day for 2 named people. The price includes the electricity. It costs 125.00€ for any additional named person.
 Please contact us for any further information.