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The 5 senses

Knowing how to make time to focus on what is essential….


Awaken your senses and discover our spaces designed around the 5 senses. These mini-villages will immerse the whole family in an atmosphere which fosters connections and relationships. A real return to the fundamentals so that we all feel good together.

You and your family will be able to enjoy our stays designed around the 5 senses.

A back to basics which makes us feel great.

Designed like a mini-village this space fosters existing relationships and develops new ones.


Sight : natural surroundings Knowing how to make time to focus on what really matters

All of our Seasonova campsites are developed in a privileged and natural setting.  This way you will be able to enjoy forests, hiking trails, lakes, rivers and beaches. Even if these beautiful landscape are great to admire it is not our only approach, it goes far beyond. It is the real essence of our group.  We care enormously about the places where we set up our campsites and we feel deeply about the protected environmental settings which we can then share with ours customers.



Hearing : a pedestrian only zone without noise pollution

Engine noises, beeping horns, crowds… all are but a few elements which can disturb your peace and quiet daily. In our 5 senses areas we pay special attention to detail so that you are not bother by all these noises.

This is why our island of the 5 senses are organised as 100 % pedestrian only zones.

Like this, the only sounds you will hear will be that of nature, of laughing children or of a sizzling barbecue… We can hear you smile all the way here.

oiseau Seasonova


Touch, taste and smell :  herb gardens ripe for the picking and waking up your tastebuds.

Going back to basics also means practising simple gestures such as picking berries and enjoying them as a family. In our islands of the 5 senses,  this activity is organised around sharing  and the flower boxes of our different cottages are filled  with berries and herbs of various smells and tastes. On top of being an enjoyable time, picking encourages you to meet your neighbours which is also an important part of your holidays!


fraises potager

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